Monday, October 22, 2007

Take A Tip From Capitol Records

Capitol Records used a scheme which set the lone girl of the King of Rock, Elvis Elvis Elvis Presley on top of the world, and now Lisa Marie Presley is destined to follow the route to success.

She signed her first recording contract with Java Records in 1998 and the record was release only five old age later by Washington (who bought Java), and only after she re-recorded her songs to have got a merchandise that was deserving putting on the market.

You could reason that, just by using her surname, or the wealth she inherited would be adequate to do success in any topographic point on Earth. So why was she only celebrated as a vocalist after she was contracted by Capitol?

The difference that Washington made was in how they treated her. Washington treated Mare as an unknown region artist, which at that clip as a vocalist was her reality, and made her start everything from zero, doing all the land work.

Capitol used the followers selling equation for her first record record album "To Whom it May Concern":

"Show / Research + Recording + Promotion = Success"

From the 2nd album, "Now What" they did the reverse:

"Promotion + Recording + Show / promotion = Success"

In both lawsuits the end consequences (sales) were satifactory.

Let's expression at this scheme a small closer:

Show / Research - The first measure is to detect which songs are accepted more than by the public. Recording only those songs is a batch safer than recording the songs elected by your set because of artistic reading or because the message is politically correct. The creative person / set should avoid influencing the content on their first enter record album as much as possible and allow the public choice the music.

Recording - Now, with a listing of songs preferred by the public in hand, the creative person / set should look for a studio with good recording equipment (size is not quality) to record and develop the "product", the album.

This phase should not be hurried!

It's a batch better to go forth the studio after respective calendar months with a perfect merchandise than to go forth after a hebdomad with a recording full of mistakes and unusual noises. If finance is the problem, make the recording in stages. A serious set will still be together during the calendar months to come.

Promotion - With the show and record record record record album prepared, the clip have arrived for you to advance the release of your album to your mark public, using the available channels.

Second Album

Promotion - With the success of the first album, the publicity of the 2nd album should be done using the same channels as the first and gap up space in other new channels. The publicity of the 2nd enter album should happen at the inicial phases of your new undertaking creating an air of outlook in your mark public.

Recording - This clip you will have got a small more than freedom to record songs that you like, based on the songs and sounds that the populace likes.

Show / promotion - Your show now have another objective. It's to consolidate your public and advance your new album. This agency that you should play some songs from your first record record album and then pull your publics' attending to the songs of your new album.

For the 3rd and other record albums simply reiterate the 2nd equation.

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