Thursday, August 30, 2007

How to Make Zip Files in 3 Steps

You may have got unzipped a nothing data file at place or at work and wondered to yourself how they work, what they do and how to make nothing data files yourself. Let me clear things up for you. Nothing data data files are simply digital archives which shop multiple files in one. It's kind of like a filing cabinet inside a house. Imagine your computing machine as a house, and you have got a clump of data files all over the place. You can accumulate related data files and then put them inside a filing cabinet. Similarly, on your computer, you can put similar data data data data files into an archives using a zipping program.

Placing a clump of files into an archives (zipping the files) is actually very easy, and can be done with three easy steps:

Step 1 – Catch an archiving programme and put in it on your PC—the installing procedure should be quite speedy and easy.

Step 2 – Select the files you desire to add to the archive, right chink on them and choice "add to archive" or "create nothing file" (it may change depending on the software system you're using).

Step 3 – It will then inquire you to call your archives and choice the location where you desire to salvage the archive. Bash so, salvage the archive, and you're done!

Later on, when you desire to unzip your archive, simply dual chink on the nothing data file and the archiving programme should open up with all the data files you've saved in there. Then, simply drag and driblet the data files into a normal booklet in windows! Or even better: right chink on the archived data file and choice 'Unzip here'.

So what are some of the advantages of archiving files? Well, there are many. Firstly, an archives takes up less room than the unzipped data files as an archives is generally compressed. Another advantage is the fact that it's easier to travel one zipped data file around than a clump of unzipped files.

For example, emailing a clump of photographs to a friend is much easier when you zip up the photographs into an archive! You can also set watchword protection on your archives if you have got some sensitive stuff you desire to protect. Sound good, eh?

Monday, August 27, 2007

7 String Guitar - Why I Converted to a 7 String

Being the stubborn diehard that I am I was always strictly against down tuning in my early old age of playing metal, in the belief that it wasn't necessary in order to do a 'heavy' sound. It was more than a principal than anything else, as a consequence of my antipathy towards the nu-metal motion throughout the mid to late 90's, with its simplistic, and in my sentiment lazy attack to creating weightiness by down tuning so far that the twines nearly drop off, rather than relying on tone of voice and style. Nu-metal was often blamed for the diminution of guitar orientated music and for killing the guitar solo, as was it's melancholy predecessor 'Grunge'. However, after following the tendencies of all heavy music over the old age I grew to love the sound of a growling, bassy chug that come ups with down tuning, and realized that if done tastefully and not over the top it could heighten the aggression of a guitar sound entirely, so I started to follow suit.

Drop Vitamin D was my first step. Simple, effective, but being a thresh nut at the clip I was uncomfortable having that one twine out of the scalar cringle with the rest, so I dropped all twines two half steps to DGCFAD. It felt good, sounded good, but It didn't quite have got the bite. So I dropped the Vitamin Vitamin D twine again, this clip to a Degree Centigrade (so drop D but all twines two half steps lower). I finally establish comfortableness here, still out of the scalar cringle but I didn't mind. I got used to it because I'd fallen in love with that sexual growl! But me being me I simply wasn't satisfied. I realised that every other modern metallic element set on the human face of the planet had favoured this tuning, and I couldn't stand up for that! So I went to B.

Despite being against going this low in my earlier old age there seemed to be a new breed of metallic element sets bringing a technical modern turn to classic metallic element by going low, so I stuck with it, and for a long clip too.

It was as low as hell, chuggy, percussive, aggressive and downright filthy. But it was still clear adequate to be musical and responsive. It seemed to just suit, not to advert that by this point my musical taste sensations had developed and I'd started to constitute a style of my own. It felt like this would be my niche, until I started getting progressive…

A friend of mine, with a pathetic aggregation of guitars I might add, was getting quit of his 7 twine in order to do space for the new Dean Razorback he'd just ordered. I went to his house 1 twenty-four hours after work to sample the delights. I'd only ever played one 7 twine before and at that clip it didn't really take my fancy. I sat in my friend's garage with this chunky freak in my custody (giggle at that verbal description if you must) and I just thought to myself "what make I play?!". Not knowing any 7 twine songs I just improvised a few riffs, got a feel for the cervix and took it place in order to acquire to clasps with it a small better. I ended up buying it a hebdomad later, and had establish my new niche.

It was everything I wanted – in the cardinal of Type B but with the scale of measurement forms of a criterion tuning. Not to advert it's effectively a criterion guitar anyway, only with the low Type B as a 7th string, which open ups up an full Bible of new thoughts and structures, and basically goes a completely new instrument.

The twine latent hostility is tighter and more than antiphonal than that of a down tuned sixer, and the breadth of the cervix goes 2nd nature after a few hours of strumming away. Now I can travel from playing a six to one of my fantan with no demand for adjusting. They're a fantastic creation, and I've recently purchased another. If lone I'd have got discovered them sooner.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Guitar Chords Lesson - A Foundation For Guitar

As the statute title states this article is going to cover a guitar chords lesson, because chords are one of the most of import facets of guitar playing. Even if you are listening to music with blistering guitar solos or a song with hardly any guitar to be heard at all, the foundation of those songs remainder firmly on top of the chords underneath. So no substance what you make on guitar, you are going to have got to larn about chords.

You probably establish this article because you were looking for a guitar chords lesson, but to be honorable what you really necessitate is a small spot of music theory. Yes, the awful music theory is difficult work, but once you understand the basics, you will cognize so much more than than any basic guitar chords lesson could learn you! So I'm going to explicate in this article what a chord is and how it is constructed.

So what exactly is a guitar chord anyway? Well no substance what instrument you play a chord is a chord. It doesn't substance if it's played on guitar, pianoforte or any other instrument. Ok, what is a chord? In simple terms, a chord in music is any three short letters played together at the same time. So if you were to strum three unfastened twines on your guitar right now, you would have got played a chord! It may not sound that great, but it would still be a chord played on the guitar.

In a traditional sense a chord is made up of 3 particular notes, which have got been named and numbered as the "root", "third" and the "fifth". Depending on what these short letters are in the chord find if the chord is a major chord, minor chord, diminished chord or any other variant.

To speak about how or why a chord would be major, minor, diminished, augmented or anything else travels beyond the range of this lesson. If you would wish to cognize why a chord is named the manner it is named, you must analyze scales, time time intervals and the name calling of those intervals. I will cover this in future articles and lessons but for now you have got got learned a few of import things.

We have covered in this guitar chords lesson that chords are the foundation of music. Chords on guitar are no different than any other musical instrument. We have got got also learned that in order to have a chord, there must be 3 short letters played at the same time. Last but not least, we have got learned that the traditional chords are made up of a root, 3rd and a fifth.

Of course of study this guitar chords lesson is not the end all be all of guitar chords, but I trust that gives you a better apprehension of chords in general. If you desire to larn more than about the building of chords, you have got a long route ahead of you, but believe me, it's certainly deserving it! Good fortune and have got a merriment clip learning!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Key Organizations in Free & Open-Source Software - The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium supported by a broad scope of computer, software system and information engineering companies. There are three degrees of rank (Platinum, Gold and Silver), principally aimed at computer/software industry companies, and also assorted degrees of affiliation, more than suited to end-users and other interested organisations (but also available to people who wish to go affiliates).

The end of the pool is to promote, protect and standardise Linux:

- The Linux Foundation supplies legal services and sponsorship for cardinal Linux developers, including Linus Torvalds. Legal services including managing the Linux trademark, supporting the United States Patent Office usage unfastened beginning software system system as anterior art, developing a patent of invention commons, and sponsoring the Linux Legal Defense Fund (a monetary fund which offers to "defray legal disbursals of Linux end users who may go involved in judicial proceeding with The SCO Group on issues that affect the Linux community and industry").

- The Foundation develops, advances and back ups criteria such as as the Linux Standard Base (LSB) which simplifies the undertaking of software sellers who wish to develop applications that tin tally on multiple Linux distributions.

- The Foundation advances Linux itself, and coaction around Linux. For example, by providing spokespeople to speak on Linux issues, and by organisation and hosting coaction events.

The Linux Foundation was formed in January 2007 as a consequence of the amalgamation of two former organizations: the Open Beginning Development Labs (OSDL), and the Free Standards Group (FSG).

The Foundation have business offices in San Francisco, Golden State and Tokyo, Japan.

Friday, August 17, 2007

History of Electronic Music

Electronic music have been around in assorted word forms for about 100+ years. I'm sure some of you are thinking what? Yes... over 100 years+

I'm not going to give you the long and deadening about the material you don't really care to read about anyway. I'm going to do nice and just state you about the good stuff. Disco started it all

Disco started it all. It was around the mid 70's when discotheque had really arrived. Disco was a blend of blue funk and psyche music. Of course of study the Disco baseball clubs where the occurrence thing in the 70's and Cocaine was fueling the fire. Clubs would remain unfastened most of the nighttime and bell bottomed ballers (that term wasn't used then) would dance the nighttime away. The United Kingdom Twists It Up

The United Kingdom then took Disco and turned it into what we would now see house music. House music would later subdivision out into assorted genres. Trance, Disco House, Acid House, Funky House, Progressive House, Latin House, Hard House.

Hip Hop is Born

About that same clip Hip Hop was being born (yes people hip hop is electronic music). Hip Hop or Breaks as it was known was the inspiration of some brainsick true cats that thought it would be a great idea to take the "breaks of the songs" what we might name the chorus or hook nowadays, and just associate them together with other breaks. In order to make that it required 2 turntables.

Break Beat is still around, and very popular around the South Eastern parts of the United States. Mainly Sunshine State (the place of Magic Mike, disk jockey Icey, disk jockey Baby Anne, disk jockey Eric Berretta, disk jockey Sharaz, Tony Faline, Clash and Spice, and disk jockey Infiniti.)

Jungle and Hardcore Emerge

As with any music genres people get to force the envelope. Even faster music genres emerged. Jungle eventually to be called DnB or Drum Normality Bass was adopted into the belowground electronic music scene. It came from Reggae or Ragga and ended up being a fast paced Interruption Beat 165-190bpm. Hardcore came out around the same time. It was small more than than House on Steroids. The beats per minute for Hardcore was around the same velocity as DnB.

So that about sums of money it.

All music is the same yet different.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Indie Music Industry - It's All About Community

We dwell in a human race that is losing its sense of community.

The individual (at the moment) is cherished manner above the enterprises of the corporate group.

Now, while Iodine believe that individual and grouping attempts are of import I believe that the balance between the two is very one sided. It's very sad that this is happening.

Quite simply human beingnesses don't work at their fullest possible in anything by themselves. We necessitate other people around us.

That is the powerfulness of community.

I have got mentioned in former articles the powerfulness of networking and getting to cognize the indie music industry from the inside. The in progress purpose for all of this activity is so you tin construct you have got got community.

A community of fans, like minded individuals, concerns and arrangements that can aid you, support you, promote you and animate you to make whatever it is that you desire to in the music industry.

This is the very thing which we all have in common with each other - COMMUNITY.

We all have our ain communities and at the same are portion of person else's community even if we don't cognize it as yet. The secret is realising this fact and using this to your (and everyone elses) advantage.

Everyone have a accomplishment or something that they can offer (even if it's formulates of encouragement). If I happen person that makes fantastic work then I will utilize them all of the time.

I desire the people that I work with to turn with me and my work and this makes community.

I personally have got a fantastic community of people, sets and webs that I can tap into and I am always on the lookout man to spread out on this.

If everyone in the indie music industry worked on inclusion rather than competition there would be webs upon web moving with each all helping each other range the same goal. To be seen, to be heard and to be noticed.

That would be cool.

If you are a indie music set you have got a community to make around your band. If you are an indie music creative person you have got the same occupation ahead of you. If you run a concern then the clients and other webs you cover with go your community.

I believe that we are all in this together.

Monday, August 13, 2007

What To Do And Not Do At A Music Conference

I just returned from the 2nd yearly Hyperfest Music Conference & Festival. It was a batch of merriment but make me believe of plentifulness of do's and not to do's. It's interesting how many indie instrumentalists have got got good purposes but don't have a game program in topographic point when attending these conferences. I have got some helpful tips below.

Here is my list.


Have plentifulness of CDs (with the negligee removed) and concern card game on you. I'm amazed how many people don't make this!

Smile and be approachable. This is a web event so do the most of it!

Meet and mix with music industry people as well as other musicians. You never cognize who can assist you.

Attend workshops & panels. You can never cognize it all. Take the clip to larn something new.

Be professional. Always, always be professional.

Follow up! What is the point of meeting all these new people if you don't take the clip when you acquire place to direct a follow-up email, telephone phone call or manus written note.


Think you're break than everyone else. No 1 wishes a diva.

Arrive late for your showcase. It's a great manner to not acquire invited back!

Not be prepared to showcase. Be rehearsed. Be well groomed. Always expression your best. Don't look like you just rolled out of bed.

I trust you establish this useful! Please feel free to acquire in touching with me if you have got any inquiries or comments. And be certain to check up on out my BLOG at

Friday, August 10, 2007

Music Downloads for iPod

If you're looking for free music downloads for iPod then listen carefully. There are respective legitimate iPod download services, but you necessitate to be really careful, as there are even more than scamming web land sites on the Internet, which claim to supply music downloads for iPod.

What to make about it and how not to acquire scammed? The solution is pretty simple, when you establish a web land site which states that you will acquire music downloads for iPod expression for two things. One, expression through the FAQ subdivision and see if they offer a money back guarantee. Two, seek to happen reappraisals on the Internet first, there are many users who tried iPod download services and see what they're saying about these land sites which give music downloads for iPod.

What to anticipate from iPod download services? Most of such as land sites really make supply with everything they claim, for illustration iPod Network Downloads is one legitimate web site, which I establish by far the best on the net. I acquire music downloads for iPod and there is even more, movies and games are available too. The chief advantage is that you don't have got to wage any pay per download fees.

Despite the fact that they necessitate a rank fee, it is still a good manner to download music for iPod. I vouch that you will happen most of the new movies, games and songs over there with good quality. Music downloads for iPod are available for any country. There are also respective cool things you have as bonuses when you join, which do it really deserving joining.

I highly urge download services for every iPod lover who basks listening to music, watching movies and playing games. Are is the best chance to acquire music downloads for iPod without any doubt. Asset if you're not satisfied, they will return all your money without any questions, so it is completely risk-free.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Songwriting Zen - Songwriting Is Like Aural Photography

We expression at the human race through our ain eyes (our ain photographic camera lens) and percepts based on our experiences in life and the best thing that we can make for our songwriting is to slow down and take a existent good look around.

Observation is the fine fine art of noticing what is happening around you and heedfulness is the art of noticing that you are noticing what is happening around you.

Ideas are everywhere around you. By sharpening up your powerfulnesses of observation you will eventually see that this is the case.

Other indispensable tools for taking these aural snapshots is either a little short letter pad of paper of paper and pen(cil) or a hand-held tape recording equipment to make certain the thoughts you come up up with don't acquire lost in your head.

The heedfulness portion of the exercising is the ability to be present in whatever you're doing. To always retrieve to take the pad and pen with you.

Even at work there are ways in which you can be mindful. Take five proceedings out of what you are doing and just detect your surroundings. If you are working behind A desk you might make this piece you are taking your hourly stretch breaks.

You might hear person state something that brands you believe 'gee, that's a great line for a chorus' or while on your luncheon interruption you see a newspaper headline in the paper that trips something in you.

In the meantime, retrieve that thoughts are everywhere if you take the clip out to see and hear them.

While fillet to odor the roses, compose a song about the roses while you're at it.

Always remember, songwriting is life.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Air Supply in Uncasville, CT 7/25/07 - A Year In Review

Uncasville, CT: Air Supply Returns to Mohegan Sun's Cabaret Room. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Four Air Supply concerts in four days. I had fully intended to remain on path and compose my first Air Supply reappraisal after the first concert in the Cabaret Room on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, or fortunately, merriment creeps in and there isn't a whole batch of clip to sit, reflect and program out the words to depict the show and events. Now back from Mohegan Sun, I am able to set pen to paper, or fingers to keypad, and churn out what many have got been asking me for this past week. But before Iodine compose my week's worth of shows (see adjacent review), allow me step back a year.

Last August I began my Air Supply journeying at Mohegan Sun. It was the first clip I had seen them since I was a adolescent and I thought, 'hey, I love Air Supply and what an chance to see them once again!' So I got my ticket for the show on August 4th (a birthday gift to myself) and was able to sit down right up front, a mere 2 feet away from the 1 and only Charles Taze Russell Hitchcock. I'm not certain Iodine can depict the bang it was to see Billy Graham Charles Taze Charles Taze Russell and Russell Hitchcock! I could not believe that I was actually singing with Russell! Well, ok, not actually WITH him, but at the same time, just an arm's length away. I was overjoyed. I hadn't expected it to be such as a great show and I certainly never expected to be sitting so fold to my once favourite band.

Who was more than surprised than I when the brace walked off that stage, stepped onto the salesroom flooring and slowly made their manner through the audience, singing, strumming, smiling, posing and bringing life to the possibilities that so many had only dreamt of? I was in awe as Charles Taze Russell stopped at tables, took people's photographic cameras and handed them to others so that photographs could be taken with their owners. I was in daze that so many would halt him and give him clinches and kisses. And, I was determined that as he made his manner towards me (well, not really me), as he ran towards the phase to complete the song, I would NOT allow him go through by without my very ain once-in-a-lifetime hug! The quickest clinch in history became the longer clinch in memory, and I was completely over the moon.

The show moved on and Billy Graham later mentioned that they would subscribe autographs, but the manner he said it made me oppugn its truth. Could it really be possible that they would remain around and ran into the fans? I'd never heard of such as a thing. Not one to lose out on this great opportunity, I did hang out in the salesroom for about 15 minutes, but didn't see anything that made me believe they would lodge around for this meeting. So I left the salesroom and made a beeline for the ticket desk to seek to acquire a ticket for the adjacent night's show. SOLD OUT. Never were two words more blue in my life.

I drove home, reliving my clinch from Charles Taze Russell Hitchcock, calling anyone I could World Health Organization would care even a little spot about the clinch I just got. Thank goodness for unjudging sisters! Upon my tax return to my house, 2 hours away in Boston, I then got online and establish out all that I could about Air Supply because I just had to seek to see them again 1 day.

My dreaming to see Air Supply again 'one day' turned into a twelvemonth filled with concerts, taking every chance I could to see them, traveling to new destinations, meeting other 'Airheads', and forging womb-to-tomb friendships. For those who would believe that traveling from metropolis to metropolis to see a set is a spot crazy, or 'fanatic', allow me guarantee you that it's not just 'about the band.' The set is the commonalty that conveys us together socially. We come up to shows, we take photographs and we state hello to them during the Meet and Greet. We make this because we are all having a good time, we are enjoying ourselves and we are making new memories. And the last clip I checked, Air Supply didn't have got got a bad show, so it should not be a surprise that we would desire to come up and have more than merriment with them and our friends!

This past twelvemonth have taken me to 8 states as well as Canada. I have got got got got seen topographic points I never thought to visit, I have met people I might never have said hello to, and I have experienced highs and low pressures all in the name of life life to the fullest. To state that I've had the clip of my life is an understatement and I trust to go on this journeying with friends old and new.

I would have got to acknowledge that the high spot of this past twelvemonth have been my interview with Billy Graham Charles Taze Russell as he was releasing The Future. Many people have got asked me how I was able to obtain the interview and the simple truth is that I asked him. I approached Billy Graham and told him I subscribe to the theory "Nothing ventured, nil gained". He did of course of study expression at me a small far-out like I was going to inquire him to allow some eccentric request, but then I asked him if he would see allowing me to interview him for The Future. He took about 2 secs to state he would absolutely make it and I did acquire that unbelievable chance to interview him in Niagara Waterfall Falls. Since then, I have got told this narrative to many people and I am amazed that such as a simple 'theory' could be so powerful in the custody and heads of others. It almost looks to be a mantra people are repeating, and through their ain journeys, many others have got used these words to back up their ain courageousness and hunt for strength.

Air Supply have given us great gifts in life through their music, and today they share a small piece of themselves every clip we come up to a show. The 1 thing that Air Supply does, and makes well, is to do each Air Supply experience as personal as it can be. It really is all about 'you.' Air Supply sings of love, life and promise. They come up out to the audience, just to be with you. And in the end, if you are lucky, you acquire the chance to actually ran into them at a Meet & Greet, designed especially for you. Air Supply links with the audience but what they are really doing is making that personal connexion with you. It is no wonderment that those who travel to Air Supply demoes leave of absence wanting more, and do every attempt to acquire back to another one.

My Air Supply journeying have been 1 worth authorship about. Some state Iodine should compose a book and to that I laughter and say they can read it all in the blogs I write! Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni and Microphone have got got been supportive and respectful and I have to state give thanks you. Each show conveys me new challenges and creatively it's not always easy to compose something new. I seek to share my experiences with others by authorship good reviews, taking new photographs, and posting quality picture cartridge holders whenever I can. Some years I desire to just sit down back and bask the show, and then I think, 'oh, I necessitate to retrieve to set that in my review!'

In each of my reviews, I always do certain to give thanks Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni, Mike, Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark. They are the ground we go on to come up up to shows and they are the ground we state our friends, co-workers and anyone who will listen, why they should draw out a recognition card and come to a concert. We all cognize they are going to have got a great time, and they never let down us.

Through the good and bad, highs and lows, this past twelvemonth have been fabulous and I wouldn't merchandise it for the world. No declination and no missed opportunities. Here's to more than than shows, more good times, and making new friends. And oh yeah...get to a show!!!