Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Indie Music Industry - It's All About Community

We dwell in a human race that is losing its sense of community.

The individual (at the moment) is cherished manner above the enterprises of the corporate group.

Now, while Iodine believe that individual and grouping attempts are of import I believe that the balance between the two is very one sided. It's very sad that this is happening.

Quite simply human beingnesses don't work at their fullest possible in anything by themselves. We necessitate other people around us.

That is the powerfulness of community.

I have got mentioned in former articles the powerfulness of networking and getting to cognize the indie music industry from the inside. The in progress purpose for all of this activity is so you tin construct you have got got community.

A community of fans, like minded individuals, concerns and arrangements that can aid you, support you, promote you and animate you to make whatever it is that you desire to in the music industry.

This is the very thing which we all have in common with each other - COMMUNITY.

We all have our ain communities and at the same are portion of person else's community even if we don't cognize it as yet. The secret is realising this fact and using this to your (and everyone elses) advantage.

Everyone have a accomplishment or something that they can offer (even if it's formulates of encouragement). If I happen person that makes fantastic work then I will utilize them all of the time.

I desire the people that I work with to turn with me and my work and this makes community.

I personally have got a fantastic community of people, sets and webs that I can tap into and I am always on the lookout man to spread out on this.

If everyone in the indie music industry worked on inclusion rather than competition there would be webs upon web moving with each all helping each other range the same goal. To be seen, to be heard and to be noticed.

That would be cool.

If you are a indie music set you have got a community to make around your band. If you are an indie music creative person you have got the same occupation ahead of you. If you run a concern then the clients and other webs you cover with go your community.

I believe that we are all in this together.

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