Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Key Organizations in Free & Open-Source Software - The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit consortium supported by a broad scope of computer, software system and information engineering companies. There are three degrees of rank (Platinum, Gold and Silver), principally aimed at computer/software industry companies, and also assorted degrees of affiliation, more than suited to end-users and other interested organisations (but also available to people who wish to go affiliates).

The end of the pool is to promote, protect and standardise Linux:

- The Linux Foundation supplies legal services and sponsorship for cardinal Linux developers, including Linus Torvalds. Legal services including managing the Linux trademark, supporting the United States Patent Office usage unfastened beginning software system system as anterior art, developing a patent of invention commons, and sponsoring the Linux Legal Defense Fund (a monetary fund which offers to "defray legal disbursals of Linux end users who may go involved in judicial proceeding with The SCO Group on issues that affect the Linux community and industry").

- The Foundation develops, advances and back ups criteria such as as the Linux Standard Base (LSB) which simplifies the undertaking of software sellers who wish to develop applications that tin tally on multiple Linux distributions.

- The Foundation advances Linux itself, and coaction around Linux. For example, by providing spokespeople to speak on Linux issues, and by organisation and hosting coaction events.

The Linux Foundation was formed in January 2007 as a consequence of the amalgamation of two former organizations: the Open Beginning Development Labs (OSDL), and the Free Standards Group (FSG).

The Foundation have business offices in San Francisco, Golden State and Tokyo, Japan.

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