Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Magic Software Reports That Mr. Eitan Naor has Ceased to Serve as its President and CEO

OR YEHUDA, Israel, April 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Magic Software
Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ: ), A prima supplier of concern integration
and application development technology, today announced that Mr. Eitan Naor
has ceased to function as the Company's President and CEO. Mr. Guy Bernstein
has been appointed to function as the Company's Active Chairman. About Magic Software Enterprises Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. (NASDAQ: ) have been a leader in
enterprise application development, deployment and integrating technology
for more than than two decades. The company's service-oriented (SOA) platforms
are used by companies worldwide to develop, maintain, and deploy both
legacy and new concern solutions, while integrating these applications
across both internal and external, heterogenous environments. Magic
Software's platform- independent methodological analysis allows companies accomplish agility
by quickly assembling composite applications, allowing computer programmers to
create services and designers and concern analysts to orchestrate and
reuse these services to enable concern processes. Through partnerships
with industry leadership such as as IBM and sap and more than than than 2500 ISVs
worldwide, Magic Software engineering is used by more than 1.5 million
customers around the globe. For more than information on Magic Software
Enterprises Ltd. and its merchandises and services, visit
. Magic Software is a subordinate of the Formula Systems and Emblaze Group
of companies. Forward-Looking Statements Except for the historical information contained herein, the matters
discussed in this news release include forward-looking statements that may
involve a figure of hazards and uncertainties. Actual consequences may vary
significantly based upon a figure of factors including, but not limited to,
risks in merchandise and engineering development, marketplace credence of new
products and continuing merchandise conditions, both here and abroad, release
and gross sales of new merchandises by strategical resellers and customers, and other
risk factors elaborate in the Company's most recent yearly study and other
filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Contact: Saint David Zigdon

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Media Campaigns Launches Website for South Carolina Non-Profit

Carrboro, N.C. - New Media Campaigns, a full service web designing and selling firm, have designed and launched a website for the Greenville, scandium non-profit Partners for Responsible Growth at The organisation chose to have got New Media Campaigns () complete a full designing of their web site. The designing is piquant and links with the Greenville community. The land site characteristics an appealing designing and keeps consistence with the organization's original branding. The organisation chose New Media Campaigns owed to the company's web designing experience and content direction system. "It was a pleasance to work with Partners for Responsible Growth and assist them establish a new online presence," said Clay Schossow, a New Media Campaigns' partner. "They have got a great programme that is doing many advanced things for the country and we are excited to play a function in getting them off the ground." Partners for Responsible Growth is a non-profit organization organized by a grouping of Upstate South Carolina community and concern leadership interested in helping form the increasing local duologue on growth. Their message is simple: Planning for growing should be a local precedence and creating ways to turn responsibly will profit the full part in both the short and long-term. The new website characteristics an appealing design, speedy electronic mail registration, action center, and more. The full land land site is managed by New Media Campaigns' proprietorship content direction system, which lets PRG to easily command all of the content on the site. About New Media Campaigns New Media Campaigns is a full service web designing and selling house that usages appealing web designing and prima engineering to assist clients transform basic hypertext markup language Web land sites into alone chopine to break range voters, clients and stakeholders. The company's Web-based software system gives clients the tools necessary for every form of an online selling campaign, from managing content to creating specialised e-mail selling campaigns. New Media Campaigns works with political campaigns, non-profits, concerns and Acts as the engineering arm for respective advertisement and praseodymium firms. media CONTACT: Clay Schossow, 919-485-4118,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kenya: New IT Firm Bets On SAP Software -

Kui Kinyanjui

As more than Kenyan companies seek to incorporate their internal departments, a newly launched IT serves company trusts to leverage on increased demand for engineering solutions by carving a niche for itself in the software system system arena.

SEAL Infotech Republic Of Kenya (SIK) trusts to widen the successful take-up of planetary software giant sap (Systems Applications Products) in winning big endeavor to the little and medium-sized market.

The company, which volition pass Sh30 million peal out its services in its first twelvemonth of operation, falls in a growth listing of sap certified Channel Partners that will be offering Kenyan companies endeavor solutions.

"The chance lies with the fact that sap as a software system system system supplier is increasingly working with spouses to position, sell and implement its software applications," said Serge Blockmans, SIK chief executive officer for the African region.

"The IT industry in general, and the ERP industry in particular, have got grown in this marketplace and as more than arrangements in the public and private sector displacement to the information age, the demand for applications to streamline procedures will increase correspondingly," said Mister Blockmans.

SAP software is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that pulls off and streamlines information that acquires captured and maintained during a company's assorted concern processes.

This tin include capturing accounting, procurement, human working capital management, production planning, undertaking direction and client human relationship direction among other processes.

SIK is the local subordinate of sealing wax Infotech Ltd, which is a prima e-solutions provider addressing enterprise-wide mercantile and engineering necessitates in states around the world.

Around the globe, sealing wax assists clients program their ERP and Web schemes and also designs, develops and implements these conceptions efficiently.

SEAL supplies a comprehensive array of critical ERP-related services to optimise purchase of existing and emerging technology, thus maximising tax returns on investment.

Initially, the Kenyan subdivision will be covering the Kenyan SME marketplace but programs are in topographic point for the company to do Capital Of Kenya its regional hub as it spreads out to Rwanda, Republic Of Uganda and Tanzania.

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The primary suppliers of ERP Software are SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, QAD, and Epicor, although there are 100s of littler suppliers and niche software system developers. In Kenya, sap and Prophet are among the most favoured solutions used by companies.

Mr Blockmans, who was previously the General Director for sap in East Africa and the DRC before starting SEAL, said demand for sap solutions was increasing as more than companies turned to engineering to manage cardinal concern processes.

Five old age ago, sap had just 12 large-scale clients in Kenya. Now the company touts a portfolio of over 38 companies, with many more than little and medium companies sign language up for services.

Monday, April 21, 2008

XP Registry Tune Up

Is your Windows computing machine constantly freeze up? Are your Windows applications constantly hanging, crashing, or generating errors? Bash you retrieve when you first set up your computing machine for the first time? Chances are, it used to run extremely fast. Chances are, you noticed that your computing machine grew more than roadster and unstable over time, to the point where it acquires downright frustrating to acquire any work done on your computer.

Your computing machine could be in serious demand of a tune-up. There are many grounds why your computing machine could be running slowly, such as as a computing machine virus, the difficult thrust necessitates to be defragmented, you are running out of disc space, your applications necessitate more than random-access memory or a faster CPU, you have got got inadvertently downloaded spyware on your machine, or your Windows necessitates to be updated with the up-to-the-minute security hole packs.

If you have already addressed these issues with antivirus and anti-spyware software, and your computing machine hardware is state-of-the-art, and your operating system have been updated, then you should definitely see giving your Windows XP register a tune-up.

The Windows Register is the maestro database that maintains path of all of the software, all of the hardware, all of the data file associations, system startup and operational parameters, and system security for your machine. When you first set up your machine, the database was very thin and lightweight. Over time, as you add new programmes and usage your computing machine more, the register turns in size. Eventually, it can turn very big and can the information contained therein can go hard to seek and kind through. If the database goes big and unoptimized like this, then when Windows or any of your programmes effort to seek for information in the registry, they can meet mistakes or they will look to be running extremely slowly owed to having to seek for information in the database.

Sometimes information isn't properly deleted and updated in the register either. This tin cause the mistakes that you meet very often, because Windows or your applications may be looking for information that either isn't there or isn't in the right place.

Unfortunately, Windows makes not come up with its ain built-in register tune-up utility. Fortunately, however, many third-party applications be today that tin carry through this for you. They will:

- Scan your register for errors.

- Delete any outdated entries.

- Optimize your database to do searching it more than streamlined.

- Fix any information unity inconsistencies.

The consequence will be a thin and clean Windows Registry, free of any errors, free of any bloating, fully optimized and streamlined. You should undergo a important public presentation addition with your system and a decrease in errors.

Giving your Windows register a tune-up is like getting a tune-up for your car. If you desire your system to run smoothly and efficiently, then you necessitate to execute this periodical care on your system occasionally. Otherwise, your computer's public presentation will degrade. It will decelerate down and start crashing more than frequently.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uganda: Barclays Explains Software Hitch -

Sylvia JuukoKampala

BARCLAYS Depository Financial Institution have concluded the first form of installing of the new 7m lbs (sh23.5b) Flexcube banking engineering at its branches.

Richard Byarugaba, the head operating officer, acknowledged there were breaks during the first two hebdomads of migration to the new technology, which was unveiled on March 25.

"The initial two hebdomads were uncomfortable for clients and staff. We had service interruptions, but this form is now behind us. The service have stabilised and resumed to acceptable levels," Byarugaba said in an interview.

He said that while the new system was tested before implementation, it was not possible to retroflex it at the same clip across the 40 subdivisions where the system is accessed.

Byarugaba said the new engineering would enable the depository financial institution present timely services and unveil new products.

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"This is immense investing in a robust banking platform that volition enable us purchase technology."

Barclays acquired Nile River Depository Financial Institution at the beginning of last year, signaling a new scheme for the international bank. Nile River Depository Financial Institution used to run from an Equinox banking platform, while Barclays was using Brains software.

"Because we were migrating from two platforms, we needed to make this over a two- form period. The 2nd form will take topographic point early adjacent month," Byarugaba said.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leading Industry Analyst Firm Names BiTKOO a 'Cool Vendor' in Identity and Access Management 2008

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- LA-based software
technology house BiTKOO have been named one of five "Cool Vendors in Identity
and Entree Management 2008" in an April 2008 study released by Gartner,
Inc. BiTKOO was founded in 2006 to convey a figure of pioneering technologies
to the market. Its core IAM product, Keystone, have received attending in
the mass media and IT security community owed to its alone attack to
authorization management. In their recently released report, Gartner analysts Beam Wagner, Neil
MacDonald, Lawrence Orans, and Earl Perkins, happen that rapid alterations in the
enterprise engineering and menace environments, including demand for more
detailed, farinaceous role- Oregon traffic-based authorization, are driving
enterprises to seek out newer attacks to IAM issues. The writers urge
chief information security military officers and other endeavor security decision
makers to see advanced merchandise and service suppliers when looking
for solutions to current and emerging IAM issues The study also proposes that determination shapers seeking to turn to the
problem of siloed, application-level authentication and authorization
systems should measure mandate direction solutions. Instead of
taking a "big bang" attack across all applications, follow a phased
strategy (ideally starting with a development application or specific
project, for example) that necessitates improved mandate management
capabilities "Enterprises have got to place their specific security demands and
then seek out solutions that computer address them precisely," agreed BiTKOO CEO
Doron Grinstein. "To assist our clients maximise their investment, BiTKOO
offers targeted solutions, including Keystone-enabling individual
applications. " Grinstein, the Enterprise Architect who led the development of
Keystone, acknowledges to pursuing long-term mercantile human relationships with his
clients. "I'm intending to travel the distance, so our developers and I work
closely with each client to guarantee that Keystone is serving the company's
authentication and mandate necessitates out of the box, regardless of their
size." BiTKOO, founded by chief executive officer Doron Grinstein, have been growing rapidly in the
United States and is now entering the Asian, European and Center Eastern
markets. About Gartner's Cool Vendors Choice Process Gartner's listing makes not represent an thorough listing of sellers in
any given engineering area, but rather is designed to foreground interesting,
new and advanced vendors, merchandises and services. Gartner disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to this research, including
any guarantees of merchantability or fitness of a peculiar purpose. Gartner defines a cool seller as a company that offerings engineerings or
solutions that are: Innovative, enable users to make things they couldn't do
before; Impactful, have, or will have, concern impact (not just technology
for the involvement of technology); Intriguing, have got got got caught Gartner's interest or
curiosity in approximately the past six months. Press Contact
Andra St. Ivanyi

Monday, April 7, 2008

The Right Way to Buy the Right Product

The listing for purchasing the quality pressman is very easily available and therefore it is very easy to buy these pressmen too. These listings can be availed in many topographic points like in the stores of these products, the fabricates of different trade names or that of the internet. If no hunt turns out to be fruitful then the cyberspace is the lone and in fact the best manner to take and acquire benefited.

There are numerous trade names and makers that usage to fabricate this peculiar merchandise and some of these are specialised too. But to happen out these makers and knowing about their terms quotes, the online services and the listing for purchasing the quality pressman included in it are the lone way to be approached.

Since the reaching of the online services, it is well known to all of us that our life have go much easier and enjoyable. We make not have got to travel in hunt of our things nor for any information and even there is now no more than demand to shop physically. The online services can do anyone store from his place only, sitting in presence of the computing machine and that too without any delay.

There lies the alkali for the demand of the listing for purchasing the quality pressman because from now onwards the quality can never remain away from us. For a inexpensive printer, for a immense capacity pressman or for commercial purposes; anything like that is very possible with the listing for purchasing the quality printer. Here we can have got got the prices, can have the comparing of terms among the top quality and top branded pressmen and can also travel through the reappraisals of the people who have used it before and will, therefore, express their good or bad experiences with these.

All the recent and the updated version of the up-to-the-minute pressmen are also available in these lists. The pressmen which are used for respective intents like the commercial, concern related, business office used, place used or for educational intents are very beautifully and systematically mentioned in this list. Any sort of client either he is new in this field or is a well established professional; for everyone these listing for purchasing the quality pressman are very helpful and guiding.

It is very natural with the new clients and the people that they necessitate a sort of counsel while purchasing these pressmen otherwise they are very certain to confront problems. It may also go on with them that they desire a pressman for a school but by error purchase a commercial used printer. In this context, the loss of course of study is incurred by the buyer. Therefore, this listing for purchasing the quality pressman will be very helpful for such as buyers.

Moreover, the terms of the pressman also counts a lot. If the client cannot lucifer up their picks with the terms they can afford then it will be loss of both the party, the maker and the buyer. That is why the importance of the listing is huge for the buyers.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cameroon: ICT Expert to Develop Oracle Software -

Walter Harriet Wilson Nana

Information and Communication Technology, ICT, expert, Zimbabwean-born Nyasha Mutsekwa, is in Cameroon to engraft and develop Prophet software.

Nyasha, the e-School Business Development Director for Prophet Africa, visited Cameroon at the behest of Prophet Corporation, South Africa, and talked with functionaries in the private and public sectors on some of the advantages Prophet offers in the ICT world.

"Oracle have committed itself to developing ICT education. That is portion of the manner we develop and maintain the 5-7 percentage gross domestic product growing we've been experiencing," he told this newsman during his sojourn in Buea.

Nyasha said he is here to appreciate what is happening in instruction in Cameroon and to see how to develop ICT accomplishments in the simple and secondary schools right up to the universities with ADCOME, its Cameroon partner.

According to him, Prophet is a concern and enterprising software system company, which develops applications for concerns to run their fiscal and human resource management. "Originally, we started off as a information alkali company, having about 90% of the marketplace globally.

Today, we've about 250 merchandises to offer, including instruction initiatives, human

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resource management, information systems, instructor direction content and procurement."

Nyasha explained that Prophet have three business offices in South Africa; Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, one in Federal Republic Of Nigeria and another in Kenya. We desire ADCOME to include in their preparation Sessions Prophet engineering so that the adult male in the street can come up in and attest in any of our programs and subsequently do him/her ego in demand across the world."

While in Cameroon, Nyasha visited the Ministry of Secondary, University of Buea, Catholic Education Secretariat, Buea, Presbyterian Education Secretariat, Buea and Baptist Education Secretariat, Limbe.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Web Design Company Offers Affordable Web Design Solutions for Small Business

Published on: April 3rd, 2008 12:04am by:

() | |

(OPENPRESS) April 3, 2008 -- Kronik Media, the Greater London based new mass media and website Design Company are now offering a scope of web designing solutions for little to mid sized concerns in UK. The web designing company believe that their new low-cost web designing solutions will complement their existent software system development services and let them to specifically turn to the demands of little to mid sized concerns in UK. The low-cost web designings service includes a professionally designed bespoke website designed by experienced web interior designers with many old age of experience designing websites for a diverse patronage ranging from start up ventures to constituted multi national businesses. Kronik media's undertaking direction squad in their business office in Greater London lets them to work closely with clients whilst their squad in Republic Of India lets them to maintain their costs less than their competitors. Detailed information on Kronik Media's new scope of low-cost web designing solutions can be establish on their website The new and improved estate agent web designing service offerings the followers characteristics and benefits for estate agents: • Easier to Use than Ever – Associate In Nursing increased focusing on usability guarantees the website is easy to utilize by clients as well as staff. • Type A bespoke website designing to assist re-enforce your brand. • Site Security – Password-protected pages for managing the estate agent website. • Flash™– Arresting and glossy animated imagination on place page. • Enhanced client human relationship direction characteristics such as as enquiry forms, evaluation requests, viewing petitions and enrollment and login. • Type A fully Managed service with full support, care and alterations year-round. Kronik Media offering a scope of stop to end web designing solutions at an low-cost price. Bespoke web designing options are available for constituted concerns whilst fixed-rice low-cost web designing solutions are available for littler concerns or start up ventures. In improver to Estate Agent web designing the company also offer solutions in little concern web design, , Mortgage supplier web designing and E-Commerce website design. Joomla the awarding winning content direction model word forms the core of many of Kronik Media's web designing projects. Kronik Media
27 Old Gloucester Street,
Holborn, London. WC1N 3AX Tel: +44(0)207 193 4250
Company Websites:

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