Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kenya: New IT Firm Bets On SAP Software -

Kui Kinyanjui

As more than Kenyan companies seek to incorporate their internal departments, a newly launched IT serves company trusts to leverage on increased demand for engineering solutions by carving a niche for itself in the software system system arena.

SEAL Infotech Republic Of Kenya (SIK) trusts to widen the successful take-up of planetary software giant sap (Systems Applications Products) in winning big endeavor to the little and medium-sized market.

The company, which volition pass Sh30 million peal out its services in its first twelvemonth of operation, falls in a growth listing of sap certified Channel Partners that will be offering Kenyan companies endeavor solutions.

"The chance lies with the fact that sap as a software system system system supplier is increasingly working with spouses to position, sell and implement its software applications," said Serge Blockmans, SIK chief executive officer for the African region.

"The IT industry in general, and the ERP industry in particular, have got grown in this marketplace and as more than arrangements in the public and private sector displacement to the information age, the demand for applications to streamline procedures will increase correspondingly," said Mister Blockmans.

SAP software is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that pulls off and streamlines information that acquires captured and maintained during a company's assorted concern processes.

This tin include capturing accounting, procurement, human working capital management, production planning, undertaking direction and client human relationship direction among other processes.

SIK is the local subordinate of sealing wax Infotech Ltd, which is a prima e-solutions provider addressing enterprise-wide mercantile and engineering necessitates in states around the world.

Around the globe, sealing wax assists clients program their ERP and Web schemes and also designs, develops and implements these conceptions efficiently.

SEAL supplies a comprehensive array of critical ERP-related services to optimise purchase of existing and emerging technology, thus maximising tax returns on investment.

Initially, the Kenyan subdivision will be covering the Kenyan SME marketplace but programs are in topographic point for the company to do Capital Of Kenya its regional hub as it spreads out to Rwanda, Republic Of Uganda and Tanzania.

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The primary suppliers of ERP Software are SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, QAD, and Epicor, although there are 100s of littler suppliers and niche software system developers. In Kenya, sap and Prophet are among the most favoured solutions used by companies.

Mr Blockmans, who was previously the General Director for sap in East Africa and the DRC before starting SEAL, said demand for sap solutions was increasing as more than companies turned to engineering to manage cardinal concern processes.

Five old age ago, sap had just 12 large-scale clients in Kenya. Now the company touts a portfolio of over 38 companies, with many more than little and medium companies sign language up for services.

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