Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leading Industry Analyst Firm Names BiTKOO a 'Cool Vendor' in Identity and Access Management 2008

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 10 /PRNewswire/ -- LA-based software
technology house BiTKOO have been named one of five "Cool Vendors in Identity
and Entree Management 2008" in an April 2008 study released by Gartner,
Inc. BiTKOO was founded in 2006 to convey a figure of pioneering technologies
to the market. Its core IAM product, Keystone, have received attending in
the mass media and IT security community owed to its alone attack to
authorization management. In their recently released report, Gartner analysts Beam Wagner, Neil
MacDonald, Lawrence Orans, and Earl Perkins, happen that rapid alterations in the
enterprise engineering and menace environments, including demand for more
detailed, farinaceous role- Oregon traffic-based authorization, are driving
enterprises to seek out newer attacks to IAM issues. The writers urge
chief information security military officers and other endeavor security decision
makers to see advanced merchandise and service suppliers when looking
for solutions to current and emerging IAM issues The study also proposes that determination shapers seeking to turn to the
problem of siloed, application-level authentication and authorization
systems should measure mandate direction solutions. Instead of
taking a "big bang" attack across all applications, follow a phased
strategy (ideally starting with a development application or specific
project, for example) that necessitates improved mandate management
capabilities "Enterprises have got to place their specific security demands and
then seek out solutions that computer address them precisely," agreed BiTKOO CEO
Doron Grinstein. "To assist our clients maximise their investment, BiTKOO
offers targeted solutions, including Keystone-enabling individual
applications. " Grinstein, the Enterprise Architect who led the development of
Keystone, acknowledges to pursuing long-term mercantile human relationships with his
clients. "I'm intending to travel the distance, so our developers and I work
closely with each client to guarantee that Keystone is serving the company's
authentication and mandate necessitates out of the box, regardless of their
size." BiTKOO, founded by chief executive officer Doron Grinstein, have been growing rapidly in the
United States and is now entering the Asian, European and Center Eastern
markets. About Gartner's Cool Vendors Choice Process Gartner's listing makes not represent an thorough listing of sellers in
any given engineering area, but rather is designed to foreground interesting,
new and advanced vendors, merchandises and services. Gartner disclaims all
warranties, expressed or implied, with regard to this research, including
any guarantees of merchantability or fitness of a peculiar purpose. Gartner defines a cool seller as a company that offerings engineerings or
solutions that are: Innovative, enable users to make things they couldn't do
before; Impactful, have, or will have, concern impact (not just technology
for the involvement of technology); Intriguing, have got got got caught Gartner's interest or
curiosity in approximately the past six months. Press Contact
Andra St. Ivanyi

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