Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cameroon: ICT Expert to Develop Oracle Software -

Walter Harriet Wilson Nana

Information and Communication Technology, ICT, expert, Zimbabwean-born Nyasha Mutsekwa, is in Cameroon to engraft and develop Prophet software.

Nyasha, the e-School Business Development Director for Prophet Africa, visited Cameroon at the behest of Prophet Corporation, South Africa, and talked with functionaries in the private and public sectors on some of the advantages Prophet offers in the ICT world.

"Oracle have committed itself to developing ICT education. That is portion of the manner we develop and maintain the 5-7 percentage gross domestic product growing we've been experiencing," he told this newsman during his sojourn in Buea.

Nyasha said he is here to appreciate what is happening in instruction in Cameroon and to see how to develop ICT accomplishments in the simple and secondary schools right up to the universities with ADCOME, its Cameroon partner.

According to him, Prophet is a concern and enterprising software system company, which develops applications for concerns to run their fiscal and human resource management. "Originally, we started off as a information alkali company, having about 90% of the marketplace globally.

Today, we've about 250 merchandises to offer, including instruction initiatives, human

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resource management, information systems, instructor direction content and procurement."

Nyasha explained that Prophet have three business offices in South Africa; Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg, one in Federal Republic Of Nigeria and another in Kenya. We desire ADCOME to include in their preparation Sessions Prophet engineering so that the adult male in the street can come up in and attest in any of our programs and subsequently do him/her ego in demand across the world."

While in Cameroon, Nyasha visited the Ministry of Secondary, University of Buea, Catholic Education Secretariat, Buea, Presbyterian Education Secretariat, Buea and Baptist Education Secretariat, Limbe.

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