Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uganda: Barclays Explains Software Hitch - AllAfrica.com

Sylvia JuukoKampala

BARCLAYS Depository Financial Institution have concluded the first form of installing of the new 7m lbs (sh23.5b) Flexcube banking engineering at its branches.

Richard Byarugaba, the head operating officer, acknowledged there were breaks during the first two hebdomads of migration to the new technology, which was unveiled on March 25.

"The initial two hebdomads were uncomfortable for clients and staff. We had service interruptions, but this form is now behind us. The service have stabilised and resumed to acceptable levels," Byarugaba said in an interview.

He said that while the new system was tested before implementation, it was not possible to retroflex it at the same clip across the 40 subdivisions where the system is accessed.

Byarugaba said the new engineering would enable the depository financial institution present timely services and unveil new products.

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"This is immense investing in a robust banking platform that volition enable us purchase technology."

Barclays acquired Nile River Depository Financial Institution at the beginning of last year, signaling a new scheme for the international bank. Nile River Depository Financial Institution used to run from an Equinox banking platform, while Barclays was using Brains software.

"Because we were migrating from two platforms, we needed to make this over a two- form period. The 2nd form will take topographic point early adjacent month," Byarugaba said.

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