Monday, August 13, 2007

What To Do And Not Do At A Music Conference

I just returned from the 2nd yearly Hyperfest Music Conference & Festival. It was a batch of merriment but make me believe of plentifulness of do's and not to do's. It's interesting how many indie instrumentalists have got got good purposes but don't have a game program in topographic point when attending these conferences. I have got some helpful tips below.

Here is my list.


Have plentifulness of CDs (with the negligee removed) and concern card game on you. I'm amazed how many people don't make this!

Smile and be approachable. This is a web event so do the most of it!

Meet and mix with music industry people as well as other musicians. You never cognize who can assist you.

Attend workshops & panels. You can never cognize it all. Take the clip to larn something new.

Be professional. Always, always be professional.

Follow up! What is the point of meeting all these new people if you don't take the clip when you acquire place to direct a follow-up email, telephone phone call or manus written note.


Think you're break than everyone else. No 1 wishes a diva.

Arrive late for your showcase. It's a great manner to not acquire invited back!

Not be prepared to showcase. Be rehearsed. Be well groomed. Always expression your best. Don't look like you just rolled out of bed.

I trust you establish this useful! Please feel free to acquire in touching with me if you have got any inquiries or comments. And be certain to check up on out my BLOG at

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