Friday, August 17, 2007

History of Electronic Music

Electronic music have been around in assorted word forms for about 100+ years. I'm sure some of you are thinking what? Yes... over 100 years+

I'm not going to give you the long and deadening about the material you don't really care to read about anyway. I'm going to do nice and just state you about the good stuff. Disco started it all

Disco started it all. It was around the mid 70's when discotheque had really arrived. Disco was a blend of blue funk and psyche music. Of course of study the Disco baseball clubs where the occurrence thing in the 70's and Cocaine was fueling the fire. Clubs would remain unfastened most of the nighttime and bell bottomed ballers (that term wasn't used then) would dance the nighttime away. The United Kingdom Twists It Up

The United Kingdom then took Disco and turned it into what we would now see house music. House music would later subdivision out into assorted genres. Trance, Disco House, Acid House, Funky House, Progressive House, Latin House, Hard House.

Hip Hop is Born

About that same clip Hip Hop was being born (yes people hip hop is electronic music). Hip Hop or Breaks as it was known was the inspiration of some brainsick true cats that thought it would be a great idea to take the "breaks of the songs" what we might name the chorus or hook nowadays, and just associate them together with other breaks. In order to make that it required 2 turntables.

Break Beat is still around, and very popular around the South Eastern parts of the United States. Mainly Sunshine State (the place of Magic Mike, disk jockey Icey, disk jockey Baby Anne, disk jockey Eric Berretta, disk jockey Sharaz, Tony Faline, Clash and Spice, and disk jockey Infiniti.)

Jungle and Hardcore Emerge

As with any music genres people get to force the envelope. Even faster music genres emerged. Jungle eventually to be called DnB or Drum Normality Bass was adopted into the belowground electronic music scene. It came from Reggae or Ragga and ended up being a fast paced Interruption Beat 165-190bpm. Hardcore came out around the same time. It was small more than than House on Steroids. The beats per minute for Hardcore was around the same velocity as DnB.

So that about sums of money it.

All music is the same yet different.

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