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Air Supply in Uncasville, CT 7/25/07 - A Year In Review

Uncasville, CT: Air Supply Returns to Mohegan Sun's Cabaret Room. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Four Air Supply concerts in four days. I had fully intended to remain on path and compose my first Air Supply reappraisal after the first concert in the Cabaret Room on Wednesday night. Unfortunately, or fortunately, merriment creeps in and there isn't a whole batch of clip to sit, reflect and program out the words to depict the show and events. Now back from Mohegan Sun, I am able to set pen to paper, or fingers to keypad, and churn out what many have got been asking me for this past week. But before Iodine compose my week's worth of shows (see adjacent review), allow me step back a year.

Last August I began my Air Supply journeying at Mohegan Sun. It was the first clip I had seen them since I was a adolescent and I thought, 'hey, I love Air Supply and what an chance to see them once again!' So I got my ticket for the show on August 4th (a birthday gift to myself) and was able to sit down right up front, a mere 2 feet away from the 1 and only Charles Taze Russell Hitchcock. I'm not certain Iodine can depict the bang it was to see Billy Graham Charles Taze Charles Taze Russell and Russell Hitchcock! I could not believe that I was actually singing with Russell! Well, ok, not actually WITH him, but at the same time, just an arm's length away. I was overjoyed. I hadn't expected it to be such as a great show and I certainly never expected to be sitting so fold to my once favourite band.

Who was more than surprised than I when the brace walked off that stage, stepped onto the salesroom flooring and slowly made their manner through the audience, singing, strumming, smiling, posing and bringing life to the possibilities that so many had only dreamt of? I was in awe as Charles Taze Russell stopped at tables, took people's photographic cameras and handed them to others so that photographs could be taken with their owners. I was in daze that so many would halt him and give him clinches and kisses. And, I was determined that as he made his manner towards me (well, not really me), as he ran towards the phase to complete the song, I would NOT allow him go through by without my very ain once-in-a-lifetime hug! The quickest clinch in history became the longer clinch in memory, and I was completely over the moon.

The show moved on and Billy Graham later mentioned that they would subscribe autographs, but the manner he said it made me oppugn its truth. Could it really be possible that they would remain around and ran into the fans? I'd never heard of such as a thing. Not one to lose out on this great opportunity, I did hang out in the salesroom for about 15 minutes, but didn't see anything that made me believe they would lodge around for this meeting. So I left the salesroom and made a beeline for the ticket desk to seek to acquire a ticket for the adjacent night's show. SOLD OUT. Never were two words more blue in my life.

I drove home, reliving my clinch from Charles Taze Russell Hitchcock, calling anyone I could World Health Organization would care even a little spot about the clinch I just got. Thank goodness for unjudging sisters! Upon my tax return to my house, 2 hours away in Boston, I then got online and establish out all that I could about Air Supply because I just had to seek to see them again 1 day.

My dreaming to see Air Supply again 'one day' turned into a twelvemonth filled with concerts, taking every chance I could to see them, traveling to new destinations, meeting other 'Airheads', and forging womb-to-tomb friendships. For those who would believe that traveling from metropolis to metropolis to see a set is a spot crazy, or 'fanatic', allow me guarantee you that it's not just 'about the band.' The set is the commonalty that conveys us together socially. We come up to shows, we take photographs and we state hello to them during the Meet and Greet. We make this because we are all having a good time, we are enjoying ourselves and we are making new memories. And the last clip I checked, Air Supply didn't have got got a bad show, so it should not be a surprise that we would desire to come up and have more than merriment with them and our friends!

This past twelvemonth have taken me to 8 states as well as Canada. I have got got got got seen topographic points I never thought to visit, I have met people I might never have said hello to, and I have experienced highs and low pressures all in the name of life life to the fullest. To state that I've had the clip of my life is an understatement and I trust to go on this journeying with friends old and new.

I would have got to acknowledge that the high spot of this past twelvemonth have been my interview with Billy Graham Charles Taze Russell as he was releasing The Future. Many people have got asked me how I was able to obtain the interview and the simple truth is that I asked him. I approached Billy Graham and told him I subscribe to the theory "Nothing ventured, nil gained". He did of course of study expression at me a small far-out like I was going to inquire him to allow some eccentric request, but then I asked him if he would see allowing me to interview him for The Future. He took about 2 secs to state he would absolutely make it and I did acquire that unbelievable chance to interview him in Niagara Waterfall Falls. Since then, I have got told this narrative to many people and I am amazed that such as a simple 'theory' could be so powerful in the custody and heads of others. It almost looks to be a mantra people are repeating, and through their ain journeys, many others have got used these words to back up their ain courageousness and hunt for strength.

Air Supply have given us great gifts in life through their music, and today they share a small piece of themselves every clip we come up to a show. The 1 thing that Air Supply does, and makes well, is to do each Air Supply experience as personal as it can be. It really is all about 'you.' Air Supply sings of love, life and promise. They come up out to the audience, just to be with you. And in the end, if you are lucky, you acquire the chance to actually ran into them at a Meet & Greet, designed especially for you. Air Supply links with the audience but what they are really doing is making that personal connexion with you. It is no wonderment that those who travel to Air Supply demoes leave of absence wanting more, and do every attempt to acquire back to another one.

My Air Supply journeying have been 1 worth authorship about. Some state Iodine should compose a book and to that I laughter and say they can read it all in the blogs I write! Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni and Microphone have got got been supportive and respectful and I have to state give thanks you. Each show conveys me new challenges and creatively it's not always easy to compose something new. I seek to share my experiences with others by authorship good reviews, taking new photographs, and posting quality picture cartridge holders whenever I can. Some years I desire to just sit down back and bask the show, and then I think, 'oh, I necessitate to retrieve to set that in my review!'

In each of my reviews, I always do certain to give thanks Russell, Graham, Jed, Jonni, Mike, Sparky, Brett, Moe, Nate and Mark. They are the ground we go on to come up up to shows and they are the ground we state our friends, co-workers and anyone who will listen, why they should draw out a recognition card and come to a concert. We all cognize they are going to have got a great time, and they never let down us.

Through the good and bad, highs and lows, this past twelvemonth have been fabulous and I wouldn't merchandise it for the world. No declination and no missed opportunities. Here's to more than than shows, more good times, and making new friends. And oh yeah...get to a show!!!


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