Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Songwriting Zen - Songwriting Is Like Aural Photography

We expression at the human race through our ain eyes (our ain photographic camera lens) and percepts based on our experiences in life and the best thing that we can make for our songwriting is to slow down and take a existent good look around.

Observation is the fine fine art of noticing what is happening around you and heedfulness is the art of noticing that you are noticing what is happening around you.

Ideas are everywhere around you. By sharpening up your powerfulnesses of observation you will eventually see that this is the case.

Other indispensable tools for taking these aural snapshots is either a little short letter pad of paper of paper and pen(cil) or a hand-held tape recording equipment to make certain the thoughts you come up up with don't acquire lost in your head.

The heedfulness portion of the exercising is the ability to be present in whatever you're doing. To always retrieve to take the pad and pen with you.

Even at work there are ways in which you can be mindful. Take five proceedings out of what you are doing and just detect your surroundings. If you are working behind A desk you might make this piece you are taking your hourly stretch breaks.

You might hear person state something that brands you believe 'gee, that's a great line for a chorus' or while on your luncheon interruption you see a newspaper headline in the paper that trips something in you.

In the meantime, retrieve that thoughts are everywhere if you take the clip out to see and hear them.

While fillet to odor the roses, compose a song about the roses while you're at it.

Always remember, songwriting is life.

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