Monday, December 3, 2007

Removing Outlaw Worm

A new type of worm is available out there nowadays and it's outdo that you cognize how to take it.

The Outlaw or Freedom Worm will disable your control on pretty much any system options and will assail and infect your music files, attempting to cancel them all.

To be able to recover control of your Personal Computer you have got to be able to run Undertaking Director and regedit again, so you must travel over the cyberspace and download a tool like enables you to take restrictions.

Task Director can also be enabled from register .After you are able to entree the register editor you can turn up in it the data file called Control Elevation Del Options. Here on the lest there is a data file called Disable Undertaking Manager. Chink on it and choice NO or FALSE. (1 for true, 0 for false), so Undertaking Director can acquire enabled again.

After doing this, you will necessitate to free your computing machine of this worm by simply deleting all data data files related to it . The files the worm installs are :, autorun.inf and These data files are located on every contaminated thrusts of your computer. So if you have got numerous partitions, be prepared to happen a transcript of them on every partition. The data file volition be located in a booklet called recycler.

Further, when looking for autorun.inf and you will happen the first 1 in the root of your thrust and the 2nd 1 in Windows/System32 folder.The concluding measure in getting quit of this malicious worm in to entree register again and take a register key it have installed. The cardinal is located in the data files Shell and Userinit. To travel there you necessitate to follow the register path: User\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Winlogon. Once here chink on the data data files listed above and take any further information related to the worm, such as as a way for running the files you have got just deleted.

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