Thursday, February 21, 2008

How to Promote Your Band Online - For Free

Bands and solo artists, promoting your music and ocular mental image are easier than ever using the powerfulness of the Internet.

Why not happen a free online set directory to post your online fourth estate material?

If you don't desire to messiness around with HTML, hosting or the web support issues a good online set directory can salvage you clip and money while still getting you all the exposure you need.

Using an online free set hosting directory, your .mp3, images, bios, and show agendas can have 24-7 exposure.

First, you'll necessitate to form your online stuffs on your personal computer or laptop. This volition be the footing of your online fourth estate kit.


Create a booklet on your personal computer of mental images of shows, cadmium covers and promo shots with set members.

Make certain they are in .jpg Oregon .gif. Many land sites shall only back up these two formattings so stay away from .png for now or do certain the free directory you upload to will support .png.

Make certain the mental images look good at about 400px wide. The mental image will usually be compressed into a thumbnail at about 100px broad on the show page. The thumbnail may be slightly compressed looking but you desire the bigger "clicked on" version to have got the best resolution, so starting around 400px should guarantee pretty good resolution.

Also do certain the mental images are less than 1 megabyte, some free directories bounds the size of the upload.

Music Files

A safe stake is .mp3.

Limit the size to less than 1 MB which come ups out to about a 30 2nd sample.

Choose the part of the song that have the most impact in a short time period - it could acquire you the gig!


Write a short (300 -400) word bio about the set or yourself. Include style of music, influences, instrumentation, history of the set as well as members.

Keep this in a word doctor on your personal computer so you can update it as needed.


Some free set directories will allow you name and update your shows. Take advantage of this! For mention maintain a listing of all the locales you play in a word doc. Include the Venue name, address, and telephone number.


All sets and solo people should take advantage of free quality online promotion. If you are not technical or just don't desire to messiness around with HTML, hosting or edifice a web page a good free online set directory acquires you human race broad 24-7 coverage.

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