Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Utopian Skyline Band Interview

How can I best depict A Utopian Skyline? They're one of those rare sets that is so incredibly talented, they don't always acquire the recognition they deserve.

We've chosen golds as a featured set simply because they make what we love, what we dwell for - they make unbelievably good original music. I love them, and so should you.

We heard that you're working on a new album. Are that going to be available soon?

Aaron: We're doing the Local Anesthetic release show on April 25th at the Coliseum. It's a limited release. We're going to Big Sky Audio , which is a studio based out of Springfield, PA. They've done sets like Four Year Strong, Valencia. We experience like we work well in that scene because it's more of the vibe and the fine art that we're doing. We're doing four songs with them, songs that we've been playing unrecorded that haven't been recorded yet.

On Local Anesthetic, how would you state the songs differ from your former album?
Teague: We've definitely grown into our ain style, as opposing to just joining things together in a jam. We've grown to what we make now, and what we're going to make in the future. We're going to maintain growing, too.

A: Elma Moore, on a production basis, had a small more than than digital sound to it, whereas Local Anesthetic have more analog. Well, it's not completely analog, but sounds a batch better.

T: It's definitely a more than than organic sound.

A: Less production, and a small more of what we're doing. We're trying to acquire that with the new record, a more than organic sound. The new record is going to be almost all analog, too. We're working with Playwork Productions, and they've worked with Glassjaw, Saves the Day. The cat who's mixing us actually amalgamated Lit and all of Sugarcult's albums. We're also going to be playing a couple Warped Tour days of the month because of working with them.

As an "experimental" sort of band, make you ever have got problem connecting with a crowd, state at a athletics bar?

A: Yeah, we've gone through that phase, and we're pretty much done with it. We seek to take the most good shows for us. We've gone through that phase of playing with sets that don't sound anything like us. There are rare occasions like tonight (the 717 Music Awards) where we're playing with a clump of sets that are nil like us. We're friends with most of the sets that are playing tonight, that are from the same area. You have got to play with a batch of different sets just to acquire your name out there. After you play a batch of show, you can begin to be a small more than smart about what demoes you're playing. It's easier to link with fans that really bask music, like fans of The Play Club. They're fans look to really bask it. I believe their fans didn't really latch onto us right away, they had to see us a few times, and that's the sort of set that we are. We're trying to do more than of an feeling when we play shows now. I believe it have a batch to make with people remembering certain things about what you did that night.

Tonia: I believe the Millennium Music Conference was a good nighttime for you guys. It was a tough crowd that night, because the audience didn't look to be into it and they stood back from a batch of bands, but when you cats went on, they really got into it.

A: That's how it felt. Our fans are more than of our friends, really. Our fans can be very outspoken. I experience like sometimes we do other sets uncomfortable. I seek to do certain to state our fans it's not just about one band. That's what we're really about, we're trying to back up the music scene. That's one thing that Keystone State really lacks. If you travel to other places, like Baltimore, it's really different. Around here, it's wish everything's got to be like cookie-cutter to really catch on. We've had to be that illustration where people are sort of like, "Huh?" But eventually, people catch on.

Do you have got any large shows coming up?

The cadmium release show is April 25th. I'm pretty certain Nightcaps adjacent Friday (March 28) with The Play Baseball Club will be really big, because they haven't played around here in a small while. Playing with The Play Baseball Club is one of our favourite things. We're doing a couple Warped Tour days of the month this summer. We're playing the Chamaeleon Baseball Club in June with Hierosonic and Negative Space.

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