Saturday, December 6, 2008

Great Ideas For Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 Competition

If you necessitate thoughts for your Imagine Cup 2009 project, take a expression here and see the listing of 7 thoughts for Imagine Cup invitationals. This year's subject is "Imagine a human race where engineering assists work out the toughest jobs facing us today." and I'd wish to seek and assist you with some suggestions.

As you can see subject is very broad. How to step up to the challenge and pick up the theme?

Here are just few suggestions you can seek experimenting with:

  • World poorness - Research some new concern theoretical accounts targeted at deprived parts of Earth, believe about gross sharing models, micro-credits...
  • Hunger - Develop and believe about new conceptions appropriate for littler communities in countries with deficiency of H2O and other resources, how can they bring forth and sell their merchandises and do a nice life from that?
  • Sustainability - How to develop community and society in general but without making injury to environment and other resources (think about little farms, recycle ideas, responsible use of resources, fighting against eroding and mudslides with some planning, urban development...).
  • Gender equality - How to authorise both grammatical grammatical genders in all countries of human work, seek searching for comparative advantages from both genders, animate yourself with great figs from history, develop resources for instruction on this matter...
  • Fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases - This is a large one. Of course of study it is not expected from you to present the whole solution by yourself alone, but believe about tools that mightiness easiness the work of doctors, better the quality of service at hospitals, prosecute patients in their healing process, believe about mathematical theoretical accounts for suppression of diseases, drama with numerical methods and see how to visualise them and present them in great mode that is both easy to utilize and to understand.
  • Climate alteration and challenges related to that - Mathematical and (geo)physical models, computer simulations or just amazing instruction tools for raising planetary awareness. Think about virtualization and all challenges that mightiness convey in in reducing powerfulness ingestion but in increasing computer science powerfulness and development. (I would travel and stake on that virtualization thing if I could vie again this year).
  • Anything else that you just believe it is great no substance it is not mentioned here (after all this is only my personal listing shared with all of you - experience free to add to it in remarks and I might event station follow-up on this one).

Bonus hint: Make not seek to contrive or to make job - just happen solution to existent one. Best tip I can share with you from my personal experience - talking with existent people about their existent jobs and challenges they are facing. Go to NGO's. eco and environmental organizations, local governments, hospitals. Talk to each and every individual or organisation you might happen interesting. And always, really always, listen to them, and even if their jobs might not look as appealing to you as you might expected - believe about them more than than once. Develop the idea, draw some studies and then again - talking with them.

The United Nations have identified some of the hardest challenges in the human race today in its Millennium Goals - expression for golf course and other resources at the end of this article. Take a expression at their United Nations Development Goals web page.

This twelvemonth is bringing some new invitationals: Mashup and Design.

Design is new, you say?

Well, at first, user interface designing invitational for Imagine Cup 2009 was cancelled. And now, Microsoft is bringin' designing competition back. Design pupils from all over the human race are happy again, and they can prosecute in some brainstorming and readying of their designs. Since uxor is my passion, you can be certain Iodine will be keeping my eyes on everything that is happening in this peculiar invitational.

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