Thursday, June 28, 2007

Understanding Fame And The Making Of A Star

I've seen all different kinds of talent since 1989 in the entertainment business. Many times I didn't even understand why such a person would want to become a celebrity. One thing though, I loved it and I became a talent agent or a manager for the last 18 years. I find there is a big difference between an agent and a manager but that will be my next article.

You need a few things before you even want to consider to become a singer or an actress:

1- You need a TALENT! Don't think because you are invited at "America's got talents" that you have one! Did you watch that show? Everybody thinks they are the greatest! If you think you can sing, then check it out first. If all you friends tell you you have a great voice, that is good but not enough! Go see an entertainment journalist at your local newspaper and ask them to listen to you and if they like it, they could write down a reference. Build up on those, that could help you down the road.

2- You need a look: Yes you do because it helps a lot! That doesn't mean you cannot make it! Talent first but the look helps a lot.

3- You need a personality: Can you speak? Are you shy? Are you scared of crowds? You need to be able to speak in public, to talk to people and journalists. You need to have a GREAT personality. Too shy won't fly!

4- A good team around you! If you have people that believe in you around you and help you build up your career, that will certainly help!

If it's your dream, please keep going and work on your dream! Don't let anybody stops you. Take risks or calculated risks if it makes you feel better but don't stop! There are a lot of different ways to get your name out there now! Study them and use them!

Happy career!

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