Friday, September 7, 2007

An Analysis of HBO Performance Music Specials - Britney vs Justin

Justin Timberlake's HBO Particular "FutureSex/LoveSounds" ran for the first clip on HBO last night, Labor Day 2007. In the show Justin proceeded to execute hits from his first two solo albums. The music part of the show was on par. However, the public presentation also included two finger impudent off''s directly to the photographic camera from Justin, about four or five lingerie prancing professional dancers in his song "Damn Girl", a section where Justin return to make a unit of ammunition of difficult alcoholic beverage shots with his performing artists and the audience, one shot of a slimed sucked-on finger and more than than a smattering of F-word quotes. Yet, today in the news all Iodine can look to happen are rave reappraisals of Justin's artistic accomplishments as a musician. Oh, and one article blasting Britney Spears for using the F-word inch a few of her leaked songs.This is a dual standard. Are it just for Justin to travel unpunished while Britney's already highly stressed mental image is torn to tatterdemalion pieces by smiling news ground tackles reading day-old transcript of news narratives only written to acquire ratings. Are the music industry plagued with bias?

First off, the sexual activity issue. I don't intend gender, I intend sex, as in sexual mentions used by musicians. Ever since Britney was in her teens, the mass media have been telling us that she is too sexy. Posing in her brassiere and pugilists for the screen of Peal Rock magazine at age sixteen, she made newspaper headlines for this "inappropriate" behavior. But the fact is, there is more than harm done in Justin's humbling of women that Britney. Britney is the headliner, she can have on whatever she wants-it is her gamble to take. She loses if the tickets don't sell. But Justin takes to utilize his buddy professional dancers to pump up the sexual activity appeal. There's nothing like a few scantly clothed professional dancers crawling on the flooring to acquire peoples attention.

Now the cursing. The facts are that Justin said F-**k many modern times in his show and it travels unnoticed. Britney's new song leaked this hebdomad have the same curse word words, yet is written up as newspaper headline news by fox in an article titled, Britney Uses F-word on New Track. There is no clearer illustration of a dual criterion for Britney, and perhaps all female musicians. Perhaps we should take a deeper expression at the grammatical grammatical gender prejudice in the music industry before we judge performing artists by their on-stage acts.

For more than analysis of the gender prejudice in the music industry visit the unofficial Britney Spears rejoinder website at

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