Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bagpipes - Buying Your First Bagpipe

Bagpipes are musical instruments belonging to the household of aerophones, producing sound using reeds. A pipes typically dwells of an air supply, a bag, a chanter, and usually a drone. Bagpipes have got evolved into different kinds, each with its ain alone feature.

Great Highland bagpipe

The Great Highland pipes was developed in Eire and Scotland, and still stays to be the most popular type of bagpipe. The typical Great Highland pipes dwells of a bag, a blowpipe, a chanter, one bass drone, and two tenor voice drones. It plays in a mixolydian scale of measurement ranging from the natural cardinal of low Gram to the key of high A. It is also commonly used by tobacco pipe sets in both military and civilian performances.

Irish Uilleann bagpipe

This type of pipes is considered to be the most developed type of bagpipe. It plays in a diatonic scale of measurement two octaves in the keys of Vitamin D major and natural C. It usually have leather pads of paper that tin be replaced with air-tight popping valves at one end of the chanter. This type is usually played in short staccato passages.

Northumbrian smallpipes

Northumbrian smallpipes are bellows-blown pipes. They usually bear some similarities with the Irish Uilleann bagpipe, requiring unusually tight fingering to bring forth a staccato style. A typical pipes of this type usually dwells of four drones that tin be tuned to assorted combinations of pitches.


The Biniou is an old style pipes from Brittany, France. It is played by blowing through the oral cavity and is played in a one-octave scale, producing a very high-pitched sound.

User's usher

When purchasing bagpipes, expression for two things:

1. Materials – to acquire a rich sound, take a pipes made of Cocobolo or African Blackwood that have a low density, allowing for riddance of buzzes.

2. Lastingness – a pipes that have a carefully threaded mount and collet guarantees lastingness and right fit.

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