Monday, September 8, 2008

OrbitalCom to Unveil Proprietary IPTV 'Multimedia' Compression Technology at INTERNIX EXPO

Unassailable IPTV compaction engineering promises to spread out ISP offerings,
consumer options KINGSTOWN, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, June 11 /PRNewswire/ --
Communications web supplier Orbital Multi Media Holdings Corporation
() is put to unveil its Quiptel(TM) multimedia
network at INTERNIX exhibition on July 17th in Cape Town, South Africa. "This volition literally turn the industry on its head," said Stan Capiak,
director of OrbitalCom. Quiptel, he said, will make an unparalleled
ability to present fully synergistic content using less than 50 percentage of
current bandwidth requirements. Current industry standards, he explained,
require a monolithic 1 to 10 megabits/second per picture stream. The bringing of
this amount of bandwidth to an end-user is not a world for the majority
of Internet users. Orbital's proprietorship engineering cut downs the bandwidth required to
between 200kbps to 500kbps to present dynamical content without sacrificing
video and audio quality. This compaction engineering will even let operators to present video
to a cellular phone, or portable manus unit of measurement at a singular 32 kbs. What this means, Capiak said, is that anyone with a DSL Internet
connection can have got entree to full multimedia system services. A fibre eye line
to the house is no longer required when using Quiptel(TM) technology. A
wireless Internet Service Supplier can supply a broader array of services
-- and still maintain consumer costs down. The engineering also intends more than options for the end-user. The end-user
device, the Quiptel(TM) IPTV set-top box, can present pictures on-demand,
live TV, pay-per-view music, unrecorded music, music on-demand, concerts,
interactive games and advertising. According to Capiak, the possibilities with Quiptel(TM) engineering are
limited only to the subscriber's imagination. He offers a few scenarios: -- Users watching a sporting event could pick up the distant and topographic point an
order for takeout nutrient food via the television -- and even pay with a recognition card. -- The online picture lease concern will change dramatically with the
ability to present a unafraid digital transcript to an end-user anywhere in the
world, on demand. -- Shopping Channel partisans can tell via the television without touching
anything but the remote. Users could interact one-on-one with advertisers
and even a salesperson via the TV. -- Multitasking is taken to the adjacent level. Users upload movies and
images and share them with friends and household on the web within
their ain private television channel. At the same time, they breaker the web and IM
via a fully synergistic flash-enabled web browser, while a four-line PBX
system lets full-motion video conferencing. Quiptel(TM) supplies operators with a self-contained, turnkey automated
system. It is dynamically built with full business relationship management,
multi-platform billing, machine-controlled compression, formatting, and unafraid SSL
content direction and protection -- all concerted with a per-user
deployment cost well below current industry standards. Capiak added that the device is fully encrypted using SSL, so content
providers are assured of right of first publication protection. Contact:
Francis Edgar Stanley Capiak 1-784-457-5763 This release was issued through eReleases(TM). For more than information,
visit .

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