Saturday, September 27, 2008

Xerox, Okidata Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Both Xerox and Okidata have got taken the human race by violent storm with their advanced technologies. However, there are still many mistake codifications that baffle board users. Here we discourse common mistake codifications and their troubleshooting tips.

Error message: occupation canceled

This mistake message happens when you have got deleted a scan occupation before it could be completely transferred into the scanner's database. Try resending the scan and make certain you do not cancel the job.

Error message: failure in the distant directory's lock

This mistake could go on because the booklet with extension .ick was not removed properly after the scan. It could also happen if the finish disc is completely full. Maybe the directory or the volume for scan database have been incorrectly provided in the Xerox device. Try to take the .ick booklet and resend scan.

Error message: Invalid protocol

This type of mistake message happens when the peculiar communications communications protocol have not been enabled inside the Xerox printer. You necessitate to enable the peculiar protocol.

Error message: File transportation failure

This sort of mistake message haps when the web is down or if the disc is full or if the scan database way is incorrectly specified. You necessitate to check up on the position of the web as well as amount of disc space.

Error message: system canceled job

This mistake message happens when the detectors for the written document animal trainer is defective. It could also go on if these detectors have got not been installed properly or if a individual is lifting the border of a big written document from the trail sensor. You necessitate to resend the scan and if the job isn't because of a individual then it is definitely hardware or a apparatus issue.

Error code: 71

This mistake codification in your Okidata device bespeaks it is a fuser error. Brand certain to replace your fuser. Or else seek checking the chief board.

Error message: Mistake engine

This haps usually in the Oki Laser 400 series. Brand certain to replace the read-only memory bit first. If this makes not work, seek replacing the electrical circuit board of the engine controller.

Error code: 173

This mistake codification intends that the fuser temperature is low. You necessitate to replace either the fuser or the thermal resistor inside the fuser.

Error message: fatal mistake 140

This mistake codification 140 agency the beat down and up procedure of the mental images are not functioning properly. The mistake codification 140 agency the mistake is with the yellowish beat while 141 and 142 bespeak jobs with the fuchsia and cyan 1s respectively. Try reseating the membranophones for mental image first. Then seek reseating toner cartridges. You also will necessitate to reseat the assembly for the detector springtime for the contact.

Error code: 020

This is another of the fatal mistake codifications and bespeaks a powerfulness job in the network. You necessitate to do certain that the powerfulness cablegram is in direct connexion with the mercantile establishment on the wall. You could also seek replacing the cablegram or usage a different web if this makes not work out it.


ink&&ink said...

I always get this Error message: failure in the distant directory's lock! Thank you so much for helping me fix this i would have never figure this out myself that it was because the booklet with extension .ick was not removed properly after the scan!

Thank you ever so much i really have been struggling with this one for a while now i have to call the technician but he hates explaining thing and im scared to ask so i decided to come and search it and i found you so i thought the least i could do was drop you a comment to thank you very much!

I really think blogs like this are incredible! due to the fact that this type of information, that is explained properly like this is rarely ever found.

Thank you so much!
Ink for Xerox

Shown said...

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